The Must-Knows For Stucco: How To Know If Your Home Needs Stucco Remediation

With summer just around the corner, spending as much time as possible outdoors is all we want to worry about rather than on the conditions of our home. It’s essential to keep on top of all your home’s needs to avoid any urgent issues that can keep you from doing the things you love and a great place to start is examining your home’s stucco status. Easily overlooked but important to take note of, the stucco specialists at RJ2 Construction have compiled a helpful list of what to look for if your home is in need of stucco repairs.

Cracks And Breaks In Your Home’s Façade

Normally, signs of cracking and breakage on the exterior of your home is usually a big sign your home requires stucco repairs. No matter the size of these cracks, your home becomes more susceptible to mold buildup and excess moisture can freely enter the foundation of your home. Usually, this is a sign that the stucco problem has already been occurring and repairs are definitely needed. If you’re wondering how to repair stucco cracks, the best way to start is by contacting a contractor to examine this issue. Time is of the essence and you’ll definitely want to hop on this problem as soon as you can.

Visible Brown Spots

Do you notice brown streaks at the bottom of your windows? This usually is a strong indicator your home could use stucco remediation. Hiring a contractor to analyze your home’s structure after you notice these spots will help determine how big of a problem your home’s stucco is at that moment. Contractors can help you save a lot of money by resolving the issue quickly and efficiently so your home does not undergo more costly damages in the near future.

Wet Carpets & Moldy Aromas

If you are beginning to notice a stingy mold smell coming from the inside of your home, especially if you have a stucco house, this can be another vital sign that there’s an issue with the stucco. Not only is your home’s structure in jeopardy if mold begins to develop due to failing stucco, but your family’s health is at risk by living in a moldy home. If you find your home smells of mold, be sure to contact a contractor immediately to avoid any bigger problems down the line.

Living in a stucco house comes with the responsibility of staying on top of your home’s current conditions. Using a professional stucco remediation company that is extremely knowledgeable in how to repair stucco cracks and other stucco-related issues will keep your home and family safe! Contact us today if you have any questions about our professional stucco remediation services.